Jazz Piano Secrets is my flagship course about the Neo Jazz Piano Method, my full methodology for implementing modern harmony, voicings, and improvisation into your playing.


The course walks you through a clear, step-by-step 12-week process of mastering jazz piano from a fresh, modern perspective. There are assignments and resources with clear guidelines for what to work on each week.

Subjects and techniques covered in the course:

  • How to create top-quality chord progressions and reharmonize them on the spot

  • Different ways of mastering voicings and using them in the context of progressions

  • In-depth ear training strategies to take your ears up several levels

  • How to master improvisation over any progression

  • Chord voicings vocabulary

  • Licks, linear improvisation, and other vocabulary for improv

  • Arpeggio Formation

  • Left Hand Comping Techniques

  • Solo Development

  • and more!

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Phase 1

Harmony: Techniques for mastering progressions, voicings, and more.

Phase 2

Improvisation: How to create top-quality lines and implement licks into your playing.

Phase 3

Vocabulary: Adding a great deal of voicings and licks into your toolbox.

Phase 4

Integration: Taking all of your new knowledge and using it to develop solos and tunes well.