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My headphones of choice are the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PROs. While they're more expensive than some, they come in with amazing quality, a great sound stage, all at a middle price point. Use this link to pick yours up and I'll get a small commission on the sale! --

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My hardcore gigging keyboard of choice: Nord Stage HP76

I absolutely love my Nord Stage 3 HP76. I did a lot of research before decided on this keyboard. Here are the reasons I chose it: 

1. By sacrificing a few keys, you get the lightest high-quality weighted keyboard I could find (other than MIDI keyboards). 

2. The hammer action is fantastic. It's a bit louder than some others I've used, but it feels great. It's a bit heavy, like a real grand piano, but not overwhelming. 

3. Of course, the sounds. This thing can do anything you need it to. I made sure to get a keyboard with a built-in synth module, and you can do so much with the one on the Nord.

My ultra-lightweight gigging keyboard of choice: Juno DS61

As someone who lives in NYC, it's absolutely essential for me to have a keyboard that does everything I need it to do, while also being ultra light-weight and easy to transport. The Juno DS series is great for this purpose, still sporting a great deal of excellent sounds built-in (to this day, Roland's acoustic piano sounds are my favorite). This is the keyboard I would recommend if you're looking for something a bit lower-budget that won't break your back. 

This weighs just 11lbs.

It also comes in 76-keys, and there's also an 88-key weighted model, though you sacrifice some of the portability.

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