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Jazz Piano Secrets is my flagship, full 8+ hour video course about the Neo Jazz Piano Method, my full methodology for implementing modern harmony, voicings, and improvisation into your playing.


The course walks you through a clear, step-by-step 12-week process of mastering jazz piano from a fresh, modern perspective. There are videos, assignments and resources with clear guidelines for what to work on each week.

Subjects and techniques covered in the course:

  • How to create top-quality chord progressions and reharmonize them on the spot

  • Different ways of mastering voicings and using them in the context of progressions

  • In-depth ear training strategies to take your ears up several levels

  • How to master improvisation over any progression

  • Chord voicings vocabulary

  • Licks, linear improvisation, and other vocabulary for improv

  • Arpeggio Formation

  • Left Hand Comping Techniques

  • Solo Development

  • and more!

Enrollment typically opens every several months. 


Click the button below to make sure you can secure your spot:


"If you're looking for a knowledgeable, empathetic, and passionate instructor, who makes himself available and curates an incredibly supportive community and you are an intermediate player serious about improving your composing, improv, and listening abilities, you shouldn't hesitate on joining the program. If you're not a solid intermediate player, but have significant experience with music (other instrument, production, etc) and the time to work hard, you'll get a ton out of this course. Lifetime access to the material sealed the deal."


"Noah is a genuinely fantastic piano teacher. His teaching methods are straightforward and comprehensive, he explains concepts articulately and is always looking to answer questions/provide assistance. An effective communicator who knows how to bridge the knowledge gap with any student, his easygoing yet energetic demeanor makes learning advanced piano techniques both comfortable and fun. Since watching his YouTube content and enrolling in his signature Jazz Piano Secrets course, my piano technique, feel and artistry have improved more rapidly than I could have ever imagined. And have you seen/heard him play?? Nothing but lovely music and insightful teaching from this guy, who's as humble as can be. Nothing but great things to write about him."


"I've been learning the piano for almost 18 years now and this is by far the most to-the-point and concise set of lessons I have ever come across ! It's very easy to understand as Noah found the words to explain the concepts in such a simple manner. I'm very grateful for this as rather than learning the notes of a song from YouTube I can now take the chords of the song through this system that gives me so much freedom of expression - an opportunity to tell my version of the song."


"Thank you Noah, for creating this exemplary jazz course. I have done some other online jazz courses, but yours is much more detailed and thorough, and really drills down into the How and Why of contemporary jazz improvisation and harmony. The lessons are well-presented, and the downloadable exercises have changed the way I practice. There is enough material in this course to work on for at least a year. Highly recommended."


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