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7 MORE Sick Runs & Arpeggios Every Jazz Pianist Should Learn

In today's post, I want to take one of me previous video topics one step further by outlining seven more modern jazz piano runs and arpeggios. These selections come from my PDF bundle "20 Sick Modern Jazz Piano Licks" which you can find here for downloadable versions of these licks.

In this video, I'm going to highlight a few more of my favorite examples from this collection. These licks really focus on expanding your right-hand modern jazz vocabulary while also providing some great left-hand voicings and progressions to follow.

You might be asking yourself: What makes a lick modern? In my definition, these licks are going to include more intervallic structures as well as dissonance formulas (formulaic ways to play "out"). I really like to break these licks down into small building blocks so that you can not only learn the vocabulary, but understand why these patterns work. That way, you are more equipped to implement the theory and structures rather than simply reuse and duplicate these exact licks each time you play.


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