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Taylor Eigsti's 49 Chords Exercises for Unlimited Voicings

Taylor Eigsti's 49 Chords Exercise may be one of the quickest, most efficient ways to train yourself to play only high-quality voicings.


In today's email + video, we focus in on understanding it better.


I'm going to break it down super clearly in this email for you, but you should also watch this video clip to fully understand:


So, here are the basics:


1 Taylor says "We take 7 different shapes in each key moving up 7 steps diatonically - 49 voicings for each chord times 12 keys, so technically that's a whopping 588 chords a day.

2 Now, let's break this down:

◦ Shape: basically, just a voicing or a grouping of notes that fit a certain scale.

◦ Diatonic Movement: You start with the shape, then more each note in the shape to the next closest note in the corresponding scale.

◦ If we have a shape: D Eb G, and we think in C Dorian, then D Eb G moves to Eb F A. D -> Eb. Eb -> F. G -> A (the next notes in the dorian scale.)

◦ If you move this shape up a dorian scale, you get a total of 7 different shapes before it repeats. 

3 So we chose 7 shapes total and move them through that scale, then do this in all 12 keys, producing a total of 49 different shapes.

◦ These shapes can be a little 3-note shape, or they can also be full two-hand voicings as well, so you are practicing all sorts of shapes.

4 Finally, we do a 3-day cycle:

◦ Day 1: Dominant 7ths

◦ Day 2: Minor 7ths

◦ Day 3: Major 7ths

5 Taylor clarified: it's just one kind of chord per day, so the context keeps changing. He also emphasized that it’s not about memorizing individual voicings, but about getting the physical shapes of the different chords in your hands and ears as you move diatonically.


If you didn't see the full episode yet, I highly recommend it:


Taylor Eigsti - Jazz Lab Episode 8 (


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