This beginner-level video mini-course and exercise PDF package will quickly take you from zero experience to having a good understanding of jazz harmony basics. It includes numerous fundamental chords and voicings for Maj7, dom7, min7, half-dim7, dim7, Maj9, dom9, min9, half-dim9 chords, and more. 




-Video Mini-Course (14 short videos to walk you through the basic material. We talk about all of the fundamentals, while the more complex chords and examples are left for you to work on in the PDF).


-238-Page PDF full of exercises and Chord Voicings


PDF includes: 


-Exercises for learning basic jazz chords and harmony (in every key)

-A variety of voicings for Maj7, dom7, min7, half-dim7, dim7, Maj9, dom9, min9, half-dim9 chords

-Voicings in the context of ii-V-Is (chord progressions in every key)

-and more!

Jazz Foundations: Chords & Harmony (PDF & Video Mini-Course)

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