NK Detuned Piano Sample Pack - NEO JAZZ

This is my premiere Noah Kellman sample pack. If you've enjoyed hearing my progressions online and want to dive into using them for producing tracks or composing, this is what you need! It contains many of my best Neo Jazz progression ideas, improvisations, chords and melodies, all recorded as .wav files on my detuned / low-fi upright piano. I literaly detuned it to make this sample pack!  


What it includes:


46 Harmonic Loops (+ multiple versions)

28 Freeplays (+ multiple versions)

17 Melodic Loops (+ multiple versions)


91 Original Sample Concepts / Progressions Total


860 .Wav files total, including multiple versions, iterations and developments of each loop, and multiple tunings.

NK Detuned Piano Sample Pack - NEO JAZZ

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