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Sound Like The Greats: Hip Hop & R'n'B (NEO SOUL EXERCISES)

Product Includes:


  • Exercises In All Keys (Sheet Music)
  • Video Demonstrations of All Exercises


The Sound Like The Greats series provides you with exercises that are specifically designed to help you sound like your favorite pianists. These exercises have been designed keeping in mind modern pianists who have a great deal of Hip Hop, R'n'B or Neo Soul influence in their improvisation and harmony. The included sheet music contains 10 exercises in all applicable keys which will strengthen not only your improvisational vocabulary, but also your ability to move chords around freely with hip hop-style reharmonization. 


The exercises are structured specifically to give you the building blocks of reharms, voicings/chords, and licks to incorporate into your playing all condensed into multiple exercises. Exercises 3 and 4, for example, are simple II-V-I reharms to get your vocabulary started, but as you keep going through the exercises, the material gets more complex, giving you a combination of applicable improv licks with voicings. Exercise 5 gives you a very modern hip hop-esque lick over a II-V-I reharm with left hand voicings. Exercises 6-8 should help you with intervallic chordal movement, especially if you master them, while also giving you some tricky licks to play over the movement as well. Exercises 9 and 10 give you the technique, and more importantly the ear training, to be able to move between voicings chromatically with ease coming from modern hip hop influenced harmony.


Exercises Contained Within:


Minor 9 Two-Handed Arpeggio

Major 7 (#11) Two-Handed Arpeggio

2-5-1 Reharmonization

2-5-1 Reharminization & Lick

Hip Hop / R&B Lick Vocabulary Builder

Improv & Harmony with Minor Third Bass Motion

Improv & Harmony with Major Third Bass Motion

Fast Modern Stylized likc with Minor 3rd Bass Motion

Minor Chromatic Chordal Motion Comfort Builder

Major Chromatic Chordal Motion Comfort Builder

Sound Like The Greats: Hip Hop & R'n'B (NEO SOUL EXERCISES)

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