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The Right Way to Use Diminished 7 Chords for Jazz Piano

Updated: May 7, 2021

How do you use diminished chords & harmony in a way that actually sounds good?

In this jazz piano tutorial, we answer that question.

Using the diminished sound can be a surprisingly tricky piece of the jazz piano equation. Here are some exercises that will help you quickly improve and advance your chord progressions and technical skills!

So how do you feel about your confidence with diminished chords and improvisation?

I have to admit— it took me a really long time to get it down.

Let's put an end to that lack of confidence! Check out the full lesson here:

P.S. I've been having a blast chatting with you all on strategy calls!

These are short zoom calls that you can actually book completely free with either myself or one of our Neo Jazz Coaches (who I trained and are awesome musicians and people).

If you need a little help clarifying your next steps for how to improve your skills, you can schedule a quick call with us and we'll discuss your goals, what's holding you back, some next steps you can take, and whether it makes sense for you to join any of my programs.

Worst case scenario, you'll leave the call with more clarity about what you need to work on and how to approach it. Best case scenario, maybe we can work together in some capacity!


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